Dear Dearest client,

by Shawna Kristynik

My dearest client,

As your stylist I believe I have a lot on my plate when it comes to making you happy. After all, your happiness is my number one priority! I hope this letter will come as a huge help to you, which in turn will be a huge help for me, in those trying times where you can't quite describe what exactly it is that you want and my knowledge of expertise can't even help you put your finger on what you're trying to say. These times can be frustrating but there is a way to make it a little more easy going for everyone, for you as my walking billboard are the most important person to me while it that chair.

I feel that this may come as a shocker to you but I, like most of the other million hairdressers out there, am not a mindreader! Luckily for the both of us I am now providing you with a few tips to help me and you come to the same level of eye to eye. Now don't take these mishaps of a slightly less educated beauty to heart, everyone does it! We all want the beautifully sleek Jennifer Aniston shine, or the outrageously voluptuous Carrie Underwood curls, but chances are with your hair type, length, thickness, texture or anything else that affect the look, I can't make you look exactly like the picture in your mind. Though most do like to think of us as miracle workers, there are some days when wishing well has run completely dry. With that being said, I would like to mention, WE LOVE PICTURES!!! Even though we cannot make you identical, pictures surely do help get the point across for the look you are trying to achieve. Whether it is the color, the cut, the bangs or the layers, with the appropriate amount of time and a little help of Pinterest's finest, we can both come to a happy agreement! 

Time. Ahhh sweet time. Us hairdressers have a very prestigious time schedule we live by, swear by, eat by, sleep by and even well, go to the bathroom by. Come on fellow stylist I know, we've all had those few minutes in the bathroom knowing that is probably going to be the only chance we get to sit down, so what do we do? Sit longer! Answer those texts from three hours ago asking if we wanna do lunch, or maybe even just sit and relax our legs for just a few seconds longer. Either way we know we're running out of time before we will be rushing through that blow dry so the next client won't have to sit at the front for long (since I'm already running 10 minutes behind) a touch of hairspray, a quick sweep of the floor, book the next appointment, receive a payment and sweetly showing them the door. We take a quick breath and turn around to see our next client is not yet here. Double check the time, ask the receptionist if maybe she called to say she was running a little bit behind, look at the cell for maybe a text message, but nothing. So we wait a few more minutes to maybe see your sweet face running through the door when finally, there you are. Fifteen minutes late, but you are here. We get started on your color anxiously worrying about when our next client will be in because she will probably cut in to your time. But, because we love you so dearly, we let it slide and continue on with our now seemingly rushed day. What is the solution to this you may ask? Please, please, PLEASE respect our time as much as we respect yours! Like I said before, our lives are run by time schedule, showing up late without notice could be detrimental for both of us after all, a busy hairdresser's time is very valuable! Help me make this appointment just as enjoyable and relaxing as all the others. 

Lastly, I want my experience with you to be nothing but a happy one! Like I said before, your happiness is my number one priority! If you are happy with me and my work let me ask you to do something mutually beneficial to the both of us, TELL EVERYONE!! Let everyone you know see how happy you are, friends, family, coworkers, tell them all! There is a very good chance that the more people you send to me, you may receive your next service at a discounted price! Referrals are our livelihood! I love making my clients happy, and happy clients mean more happy clients!! Go ahead and send them all my way, the grouchy mother in law, the whiny coworker with the office right next to yours, brighten up their mood by spreading my name and reminding them that if you look good, you feel good! 

My beautiful, hardworking, doting wife, loving mother, superhero like client, I am telling you this to help you! If there is one section of your life that I can help make easier, let me! No I cannot get all of your kids where they need to be in time, or get your husband to make up his mind on dinner choices, but I can continue to make you feel great every time you step out of my door! I want you to feel as absolutely gorgeous as you look because as your stylist, I love you! Take these thoughts into deep consideration when it comes time for your next appointment to ensure complete happiness. 

Love always,
Your Stylist