“FUN” hair colors & finding out if it is right for you!

by Rachel Driskell


These are all words that describe today’s fashion hair color trends.
If I had a dollar for every time one of my clients has brought up fun hair color I could retire!!

No, not really, but I could take an awesome vacation!

“I would love to do that but I couldn’t pull it off.”
“I wish I could, but my job it too conservative.”
“My sister’s friend has blue and looks awesome!”
“Do you do a lot of those fun colors?”

All walks of life and regardless of age clients are intrigued over the bold, beautiful colors that we have come to see more and more. It’s hard to miss! Coworkers, family members, friends and the lady two aisles over in Target; we either know someone or have beheld those rainbow locks. If it is done right it can be captivating!

But is it right for you? Will it fit your needs and wants?

Let’s sit down and talk about it…..

This is not your “Halloween” temporary spray-in hair color!

If you want something that will wash out then the direct deposit, vivid hair colors are not what you are looking for. Because the trend of “mermaid” hair has stuck around for a while companies have come out with professional quality hair color sprays and chalks; those being perfect for kids and onetime special events. I once used purple and pink hair chalk on a 4 year old and the look on her was priceless; she thought she looked like one of the My Little Ponies! Not to mention her mom was thrilled because it would be gone in time for family pictures! True temporary colors wash out, like a spray or chalk. Once you shampoo the color goes down the drain, leaving the hair completely.

Just a little can go a long way!

Maybe you do want a whole head of deep, sultry emerald green and then again maybe the law firm you work at just might frown upon it.

But, with the proper placement and technique you just might be able to “get away with it” or even hide it when you need to. Selecting a fun color that will compliment a more natural looking all over color can enhance your whole look! It can be a pop of bright contrasting color, or a subtle more toned down look; it doesn’t have to be all or nothing.

But, this too will pass.

What you do to your hair in a way could always be labeled as temporary, except for the God-given hairs that grow out of your head. Hair can be cut and color can be changed. By nature direct deposit hair color does not wash out, but boy oh boy it fades! Your sultry emerald green wanes to a less than deep green, then a teal-ish color and could ultimately (without upkeep) fade to a mossy, muddy, in-the-pool-too-much kind of green. Not so fun then.

Wait! How long will it last then?

Since these colors do fade there is upkeep involved if you want to keep it vibrant. Small steps to take at home and more frequent visits to the salon help keep it up. It depends on your commitment to it and the type of products that are used as to how long it will last.; basically as long as you want, but just know it’s not a one-stop deal.

It’s a voyage!

Like I tell clients, it’s a journey and it may take a little longer than expected to arrive at the destination! These colors are intended for pre lightened hair. The lighter the hair the more vivid the color. Those of us that start out with darker colors pre-lightening is a must. That means more steps are involved which equals more time spent in the chair. Oh! And if the hair has been colored before (which is 95% of the time) even more steps and more time! The more layers of color that have been applied in the past, well you get the idea. Not complaining, just keeping it real!!

Will it ruin my hair?!

The actual color is not the culprit to call in for questioning. What will affect the integrity of your hair is the services that will need to be performed to create the perfect canvas to apply the chosen color. The color you choose determines how light the hair needs to be. Example….metallic colors like silver or a shimmering light pink and even pastels colors all will require the least amount of pigment as possible. Meaning very, very, very light blonde.

When the time comes, and you are ready for something different, that is also when the health of your hair needs to be considered. Coloring over it, removing it or changing to a different bold color, each one being a different process with different steps, and some of those steps are more damaging than others, while some may not incur any damage at all.


I feel like I just wrote a book! I wanted to be as informative as possible, but I really could go on and on. (First time writing a blog…..maybe it IS too long!!??LOL!)

The bottom-line is it is a process that will be unique to each individual client. Like most chemical services there is not a One Size Fits All. Which also means there isn’t a flat rate, so don’t bother asking for a price until after you visit your stylist.


Ask questions before you decide against it or take the plunge. Your stylist will (should) appreciate that you want to be informed, plus it will make the whole process go smoother and with more successful results. A one on one, face to face (not over a phone) consultation with a licensed professional will put your mind at ease or at least finally get the idea out of your head!

Comments or questions? Type away below by leaving a comment or please feel free to call me at the salon!

Thanks for reading!

Love, Amanda

**Amanda has 14+ years experience as a stylist, specializing in cuts and highlights.